My Air Aerial Fitness Experience

My Air Aerial Fitness Experience

Yesterday I was able to take a class at Air Aerial Fitness in Southpark Charlotte. My experience there is definitely one for the books. I had such a great time and have always wanted to try aerial fitness. The studio is located inside of Mud Facial Bar, a plant based facial spa that specializes in 30 minute facials.Brenttany Sharraine Air Aerial Fitness ExperienceMud Facial Bar

Our trainer was also the owner and she was able to give us a full tour of the spa and studio. She was so friendly and encouraging, and made us all feel comfortable and not embarrassed for being beginners. I was able to share this experience with my lovely classmates and some of us are already planning on taking another class.

Air Aerial Fitness

The workout is perfect for upper core strength and stretching tight muscles. Which I had a lot of due to my most recent weight training workouts at Planet Fitness. There were so many techniques she had us doing. Some of which were more complicated than others. This is definitely a great way to keep your workouts fun and interesting

My Air Aerial Fitness Experience
Air Aerial Fitness

I don’t think I’ll be ready to audition for a Pink music video anytime soon but I loved that Aerial Fitness allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and take a class that I’ve always had in the back of my mind but was too nervous to try.

 This has persuaded me to explore different classes in not only fitness but things that I love in general. Check out my pictures and see all the fun we had!

If you are interested in taking an Air Aerial Fitness class you can schedule a class by going to

Check out this Class!



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