Does the Beauty Industry Care About Their Consumers?

Does the Beauty Industry Care About Their Consumers?

According to the average woman spends about $43 per trip when shopping for beauty products and the average beauty product has 12 toxic ingredients that can have harmful effects on the body. Most, if not all of those products are well-known makeup brands. With all this money going towards makeup we obviously care about our beauty. But this leaves me with one question. Does those beauty companies actually care about us?

Lets face it, beauty products are under-regulated. Now clearly I’m not talking about natural and organic beauty companies. They actually work hard to keep the bad ingredients out and give us clean and greener options. My focus is on popular makeup companies who know that the ingredients that are in their makeup are extremely toxic but still avoid taking them out.

Does the Beauty Industry Care About Their Consumers?

There are companies that see that the organic beauty industry is growing rapidly and they want to “jump on the bandwagon”, and lie to their consumers by throwing the word “natural” and “organic” on their product labels even though they really aren’t. My favorite is when these companies have ads that say they support breast cancer by giving a percentage of their profit to charity. But their products have ingredients that are linked to cancer! Like you gotta be kidding me. For an example check out Harper’s Bazaar article on


It’s clear that it’s more about money then the consumers well-being. So are they supporting cancer or cancer awareness? Now I understand some are realizing their wrongs and have worked towards switching up their ingredients. But do they have to sell their toxic products right next to the cleaner ones. Don’t give me the option to choose between the two. Show that you care about your consumers.

The Truth About Toxic Ingredients Hiding in Your Foundation

Not only do we have to worry about reading the labels to make sure there aren’t any toxic ingredients in the products, but we also have to do research on these companies on hopes that it’s a honest and well trusted brand. The beauty ads that we see everyday doesn’t even have disclaimers about their ingredients. The companies say nothing about it because it’s not regulated and they feel as if they shouldn’t have to warn us. There would be a huge profit loss if they did. They stress the things they do care about. Sell. Sell. Sell. If we are buying it, then they’re going to keep selling it. Bottom line.

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