Bellapierre Color Correcting Concealer Palette Review

Bellapierre Color Correcting Concealer Palette

Happy to be bringing in the new year with another makeup review. This review will be on Bellapierre “Color Correcting Concealer Palette”.

I scored a deal with this baby at Marshall’s for $9.99. You guys know Marshall’s and TJ Maxx are practically my top favorite places to go to for beauty products. It’s just because they have quality brands at a fraction of the price. But since I started Esthetics school in August I’ve learned so much about color correcting and what colors complement each other or cancels the other out, that I wanted to review this product for you guys.

Bellapierre is a natural mineral cosmetics brand. Their products are cruelty free and their line ranges from eyeshadow palettes and kits, and contour and illuminating glow palettes to skincare products, makeup brushes and nail polish.

How to Color Correct

There are 6 colors in the Palette:

Bellapierre Color Correcting Concealer Palette ReviewRed: to cancel dark circles and dark spots

Lavender: to cancel yellow and sallow tones

Green:  to cancel redness, rosacea and pimples

Seashell: (yellow) to brighten shadowed areas

Caramel: to cool warm undertones

Peach: to warm cool undertones


Although Peach can be used to even out cool undertones and Caramel can be used to even out warm undertones, I only used Red, Lavender, Green, and Seashell(yellow) because I feel that was all I needed to fix my skin concerns. Being that I have a dark complexion I’m surprised that this concealer didn’t look ashy or grey.

The concealers have a thick and creamy texture, which makes it easy to blend. Adding this concealer to my makeup routine really made a huge difference in my completed look. My makeup no longer looks bland.

Bellapierre Color Correcting Concealer PaletteOverall, I love this color correcting concealer palette. My dark complexion took well to the colors. It helps on those days when you need to bring life back into your skin and regular concealer just isn’t doing the job. You can get this palette at

disclaimer: eyeshadow was added to brighten colors for photo taking purposes
Bellapierre Color Correcting Concealer Palette
  • Bellapierre Color Correcting Concealer Palette
The Good

does a great job concealing my problem areas

The Bad
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