Why Blending Your Makeup Correctly is Important

The Importance of Blending Your Makeup

It happens to everyone. You’re doing your makeup. Maybe you’re in a rush so you head out the door within 5 mins to meet your friends for a nice dinner full of gossip. You guys decide to take a group shot for social media and bam, you look like this guy…

I cannot stress this enough. Blending your makeup evenly is just as important as choosing the correct shade. Why? Well because for one, no one wants to look like the clown from SAW and two you just ruined a perfectly good group photo of your friends and you not so much.

I’ve been in this situation and the minute I saw the flash come on I knew I made a big mistake. That line of demarcation is satan.

Now let’s talk serious. Foundation is suppose to provide your skin with a more flawless and even finish. While contouring and blush defines your features. The best tools to blend your makeup with is either a makeup sponge like this Make Up Forever Ellipse Blender Sponge, your fingers or a makeup blending brush like this Sigma Beauty F82 Round Kabuki™ Brush.

The Importance of Blending Your Makeup

Always blend the lines that separate the concealer from the blush and from the blush to the foundation. Then from the chin to the neck down. Yes, always blend under the chin to the neck. This is a most common mistake that we often tend to avoid. Makeup sometimes get a bad rep and this is one of the top reasons why.

Other Blending Points

  • hairline and forehead
  • under the brows
  • upper and lower eyelids
  • lips
  • nose contour

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Try this trick

Once you’ve blended all the lines that you can actually see test your blending skills by taking a picture of yourself. Yes with the flash too. This will show you every mistake that you’ve made but you couldn’t see in regular lighting.

If you missed a spot keep blending until you can’t see anymore lines of demarcation. And always remember the flash reveals all.

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