CONTOURING: How to Contour Your Nose

How to Contour Your Nose

Contouring is all about the illusion of making something appear smaller than what it really is. Adding shade to an area to create a shape you desire. It’s magic makeup edition! I use this method to contour my nose everyday as part of my makeup routine. There’s no need to get a nose job because with makeup you can shape your nose any way you like.

 How to Contour Your Nose STEP 1: Apply a darker shade down the sides of the bridge of your nose and at the bottom of your nose right above the cupid’s bow. Applying a darker shade will make the nose appear more narrow and smaller around the bottom.How to Contour Your Nose

How to Contour Your Nose

How to Contour Your Nose

Tip: The closer the lines are the smaller your nose will appear

STEP 2: Add a concealer 2 shades lighter than your skin tone down the center of your nose.How to Contour Your Nose

How to Contour Your Nose

STEP 3: Now you will want to blend. First blend the highlighting area or the top of the nose, then the darker contour area next. How to Contour Your Nose

Try not to blend too much because we still want to see just enough that the lines aren’t too defined and sharp. Blending too much will make the separation between the highlight and contour disappear.

 How to Contour Your Nose

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