How to Naturally Get Fuller Lips

How to: Naturally Get Fuller Lips

How to: Naturally Get Fuller Lips


Ever since the Kylie Jenner lip trend started, so many girls a running to medspas and plastic surgery centers for bigger lips! I understand that not everyone is born with big and full lips. But for a lot of women it can allow them to resort to those expensive cosmetic procedures like collagen lip injections and Botox to enhance the look of their lips. But it is possible for you have fuller and rosy lips without having to do these painful procedures. With these natural tricks you will be walking around with beautiful plumped lips for a good couple of hours!


Essential Oils

Make your own lip plumper by using essential oils. You can always carry your lip balm mixture with you and apply it when you need to. Cinnamon, Peppermint and Cayenne Pepper essential oils are great for lip plumping. These oils stimulate and enhance blood flow, giving you rosier and fuller lips.

  1. Combine an extremely small amount of ground cayenne pepper with a little water and rub it onto your lips when you want them to look plumper.
  2. Add one or two drops of essential oil to your lip balm, gloss, petroleum jelly or even raw Shea butter and put it on when you want your lips to appear more attractive. You will feel a slight tingling or burning sensation at first- but don’t worry, it will disappear quickly.

***Be cautious of adding too much cayenne pepper. Small amounts will increase your lips blood circulation, but larger amounts will burn like crazy! So be careful.


Lip Exercises

Try these exercises to build your lip muscles.

Smile and kiss

Contract your lip muscles by smiling and kissing can make your lips bigger. Have you ever smiled or even laughed so hard that your mouth got tired. That’s because you are working your muscles. Keep your lips closed and smile as big as you can. Hold it for 5 seconds. Then pucker your lips by pushing them forward like you’re giving a kiss and hold for 5 seconds. Repeating this exercise about 20 times. After a while you should feel your muscles working.

Side to Side

Press your lips together and move them from right to left as far as you can holding on both side for 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise 20 times.

Exfoliate Your Lips by Brushing Them

Brushing your lips lightly in a circular motion with a toothbrush will stimulate the blood flow and circulation, allowing your lips to plump up. Doing this will not only give you fuller lips, but will also make them smoother and will remove dead skin cells (don’t brush too hard, the skin on your lips is thin and may cause some bleeding). As a result, your lips will appear fuller, softer and more supple.

Ice Cube Massaging

Massaging your lips with ice cubes will give more volume and color to your lips. Rub each lip in a circular motion with an ice-cube. The muscles will start to relax and the blood will flow faster. This will make your lips naturally fuller and red.

I hope these tips help the women who are going through this phase. Please don’t get infections or anything that’s gonna have your lips being stabbed with needles or inserted with unnatural chemicals.

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