The Skin Science Behind the Stereotype “Black Don’t Crack”

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We’ve heard it a million times. “Black don’t crack”. We’ve seen our parents, grandparents and even celebrities look like they’ve traveled through time with a time machine and came back as their younger self. We still believe that Pharrell Williams is a vampire who was bitten at 19 and never aged passed that.

The Melanin Truth Behind the Saying “Black Don’t Crack”
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Does black people really age or is there some magic potion that no other race is aware of that’s causing us to stop aging in its tracks. Actually yes! Well sorta. Here’s the thing…

“Our skin automatically has a natural SPF of 13%”

Yes black people age. We just don’t appear to age as fast because we produce melanin. Per say more melanin than any other race. Melanocytes in the epidermis is a natural skin pigment that produces melanin.

The sun makes up 85% of our skin’s aging. Since melanin is produced to protect us from the sun, black people automatically get this protection because they were born with it. Our skin automatically has a natural SPF of 13%. Instead of reflecting ultraviolet wavelengths, we absorb it. We lit.

“The sun makes up 85% of our skin’s aging”

We age at a slower rate than any other race. Approximately 10 years to be exact. And in the name of melanin- the darker you are, the more melanin your skin has. Which also means the more protection you have against the harmful effects of sun exposure.

So it’s not that we’re not aging, it’s just that we are aging at a 10 year slower rate than those who don’t produce as much melanin. Your skincare routine, genetics and daily health habits all play a key role in how your skin ages. But of course sunscreen is vital for all skin tones even yours.


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