Moisturized is The New Matte

Moisture Over Matte

There’s a new beauty trend in town and it’s the “dewy no makeup look”.  I’ve always been a moisture over matte kinda girl so I hope this trend is here to stay. Simply because it gives your skin a promising future. Your skin should always look and feel moisturized and “dewy” so to speak.


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“Glowy skin is for everyone”

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For that perfect “dewy” look

The matte look has been a thing since the beginning of setting and baking. Although the baking technique works best with oily and combination skin, glowy skin is for everyone. No stress about dry eyes from letting the powder sit for too long.

Let’s talk about the women with dry skin. You know the girls whose skin needs a little more TLC. Well the dewy trend is perfect for this skin type.

Social media has definitely given baking a solid position in the makeup world. But sometimes what’s popular isn’t a one size fits all.

Yes I sometimes bake too. Mainly because I have combination skin. But being willing to sacrifice moisture over matte for the sake of beauty shows just how us as women would do almost anything to protect our makeup over our own skin. It is definitely a price we pay as beauty enthusiast.

Try this trick


To achieve the dewy look skip your baking and setting powder step and use a setting spray with a dewy finish instead.

As your personal skin advocate I always want you to choose the best option for your skin. Besides the dewy look gives you that pregnancy glow and who doesn’t want that. So “glow away”.

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