Most Common Hair Mistakes You Should Avoid

I’ve had my fair share of mistakes when it comes to my hair. Some of which I am still paying for and regretting til this day. This is a list of common mistakes that women make when dealing with their daily hair care. If you are known for being harsh on your hair, put that 450 degree styling tool down and see what you may be doing wrong.

Not conditioning your hair

Conditioners are just as important as shampoos, if not more. Conditioners are what adds the moisture back into your hair after the shampoo strips out the moisture to cleanse your hair. It’s also used for detangling your strands.

Try to find a conditioner that is free of harsh and toxic ingredients. Natural and organic conditioners are always great options. Find a good one that fits your type of hair and use it regularly.

High heatMost Common Hair Mistakes You Should Avoid

Straightening, curling, or blow-drying your hair on a high heat setting is one of the worse crimes you can commit. Like, have you heard of heat damage? It’s horrible and it’ll take months for your hair to restore back to its health.

Some women think that having your heat on the highest temperature possible makes for better styling. But that’s false. Hair burns at 450 degrees.

With that being said if you have thick or coarse hair, 350-400 is a safe temperature. For fine hair try aiming for closer to 350- and if that isn’t working then go up every 10 degrees with 390 being the max and see which temperature works best for you.

Dying your hair OVER and OVER

Let me be the first to tell you that dying your hair can be super fun, different and refreshing. (see picture below But over-processed is not a fun thing to have. Fried ends, weak and brittle hair shaft, and multiple textures are some of the many results of constant dying. When re-dying your hair only do a retouch on the roots.

Not trimming it

Most Common Hair Mistakes You Should AvoidTrimming your hair periodically is really important. Your hair could be growing, but if you are not trimming off the dead and split ends chances are you will never see that growth because the split ends are breaking off as your hair is growing. You should trim it periodically to make sure that it stays and looks healthy

Over-washing it or not enough

There are two main hair types, coarse and fine. They’re pretty much on opposite ends of the hair type chart. It’s best to know your hair type so that it can help you decide how often you should wash your hair.

If you have finer hair you can wash it more often. Maybe once every 3 to 4 days. Try to avoid washing it every day or even every other day. But if you are afraid to wait that long, try using shampoos that are free of moisture stripping sulfates. If you have thicker hair try washing your hair once every week to a week and a half.

If you are a mix between the two, then that should help you figure out a happy medium for your hair. Washing your hair too often will make it lose its’ natural oils and nutrients. But not washing it enough will cause it to get really greasy and dirty.

Using the wrong shampoo

With all the shampoos that are in the market it could be difficult finding the right ones. Always read the ingredients on a shampoo that you are interested in using. Stay away from bad ingredients like sulfates, propylene glycol, tetrasodium and parabens that can harm your hair. The more natural the better.

By reading the ingredients you can insure you that are making the right decision because you will know what’s in the shampoo and the benefits it carry; and last, make sure you are buying a shampoo that is designed for your type of hair.

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