Sexy Red Velvet Lips Makeup Look

Brenttany Sharraine

I am a strong believer in making green beauty as bold and sexy as conventional beauty. When people think of green makeup, earth tones, a sheer lip, a subtle brow and lash is probably the first thing to come to mind. But people are really sleeping on it. As my way of showing you guys that a cleaner alternative to makeup is better option for your beauty routine, I’ve created this makeup look showing that you can wear non-toxic makeup and still create bold and beautiful looks.Sexy Red Velvet Lips Makeup Look

This makeup look is featuring Shea Moisture’s Lip Crayon in the color “Olivia” and their Ultra Volumizing Mascara. Shea Moisture's Lip Crayon Olivia and Shea Moisture's Ultra Volumizing MascaraI always keep my makeup simple but I’m very big on accentuating my best features for an everyday makeup look. Today I went with a velvety lip color that went really well with the sexy, clean, and sleek look I was trying to achieve. I really like the holographic under tones on this lip color. Sexy Red Velvet Lips Makeup Look

Sexy Red Velvet Lips Makeup Look
Shea Moisture’s Ultra Volumizing Mascara

This mascara is so perfect. Just because it wasn’t over-bearing. If you follow my Instagram you may notice that I love clumpy lashes. This mascara is the complete opposite and I sill love it. I feel like this is how mascara is suppose to look. You can see that all my lashes are separated and not clumped together. So clean!Sexy Red Velvet Lips Makeup Look

If you are interested in any of these products featured, here’s a link to where you can check them out:

Shea Moisture’s Lip Crayon Olivia

Shea Moisture’s Ultra Volumizing Mascara


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