Silicone Sponge vs Beautyblender: What is the Best Option?

Silicone Sponge vs Beautyblender

The “Silisponge” Silicone Sponge has been the latest beauty trend for the past few months. I’ve sat back and observed how people are going crazy over this new beauty blender replacement. I was excited to try it as well. So excited that I bought 10 for all my classmates and I.

But could it really replace the beauty blender and be a true staple product in your makeup routine or is it just a fad like most beauty trends?Silicone Sponge Vs BeautyblenderI’ll be comparing the Silicone Sponge vs Beautyblender, giving facts and my honest opinion on what I think is the best option for you and I.

“Silisponge” Silicone Sponge

Silicone Sponge vs Beautyblender

The silicone sponge is made out of silicone material.

  • hypoallergenic
  • non porous
  • antibacterial
  • doesn’t absorb your makeup, putting it all into the skin with no waste
  • last a long time
  • works best with liquid base products on dry skin
  • cost about $5-$10 depending on where you’re looking
  • easy to clean
  • applied best in a spreading motion


Silicone Sponge vs Beautyblender

The Beautyblender is made of sponge material.

  • antimicrobial.
  • environmentally friendly
  • paraben-free, sulfate-free and phthalate-free.
  • absorbs some of the makeup
  • needs to be replaced once per month
  • works really well when damped
  • cost you about $20-$30 for the official beautyblender®
  • should be cleaned with gentle antibacterial soap before every use
  • applied best in a dabbing motion


I am not biased on any of these products. The silicone sponge is the safer option for your skin and keeping it healthy. Although it says to be antimicrobial, the beautyblender still has pores and can absorb anything that is small enough to get in.

When you are dabbing that makeup onto your skin your pores are open which means you may also be dabbing any germs and bacteria that is sitting on and hiding inside of the sponge.

In terms of blending, the silicone sponge gives you full coverage, while the beauty blender provides better flexibility by getting in those hard to reach corners like around the eye area. But unfortunately the beauty blender should be replaced after a few weeks of use.

The silicone sponge on the other hand is non-porous and it’s made of silicone. Nothing can be absorbed and it can easily be cleaned. In conclusion, they both give great coverage, but I may be reaching for my silicone sponge more often than not.

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