Target’s Beauty Department is Cleaning up Their Chemicals

Targets Beauty Section is Cleaning up Their Chemicals

Target has announced that they will be working towards a non-toxic beauty department by cleaning up some major chemicals from its beauty and personal-care section.

Quote from Jennifer Silberman ‘Target’s chief sustainability officer’

“We know our guests are becoming more and more concerned with chemicals in products they use on their bodies and they trust us to provide better choices for them and their families.”

Their goal is to have more of a sustainable beauty department by providing transparent ingredient lists and adding greener products to their shelves. This means that any potential consumer will know exactly what’s in the product before they make the decision to buy.

I think this is so great. The fact that Target, a major retail chain, is making such a huge decision like this one. This could be a huge issue with U.S conventional beauty brands since they will be turning away some of the most advertised beauty products in the industry. Target will be removing controversial chemicals like phthalates, certain parabens, and formaldehyde by 2020. They will also be investing in up to $5 million toward green chemistry innovation by 2022.

This is a great move for all of us. Can you imagine “green beauty” being the only kind of beauty in the U.S. I can! Let’s just hope this will start a domino effect for other major retail chains doing the same in the future.


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