Sunday with Rosemary Shrager: ‘I’ve rarely missed an Archers omnibus in 50 years’

Sunday with Rosemary Shrager: ‘I’ve rarely missed an Archers omnibus in 50 years’

What time are you up? I love to lie in until 10am, but it depends on the day. If it’s a beautiful sunny, summer’s day, it’ll be earlier, but if it’s snowy outside I will stay in bed until at least 11am!

Sunday breakfast? I’ll have a cooked brunch. Maybe poached eggs on toast, or a couple of pieces of bacon and a sausage, listening to The Archers. I always listen to the omnibus on a Sunday – I’ve rarely missed it in 50 years.

Sundays growing up… We’d have a roast with beef or lamb, and I loved the smell. I would help by peeling things, or popping peas, and we’d have the radio on. There was a BBC show I liked where you dedicated music to people all over the world –I thought it was really clever. After lunch, we’d go for a walk, through the forest if we were in Buckinghamshire, or around Regent’s Park if we were in London.

A Sunday tradition? I always enjoyed those family walks after lunch, so I kept that going when I had my own family. Now I’m more likely to sit indoors drinking wine.

Would you normally see friends? I’ll have people over for a leisurely lunch. It’s my favourite meal for entertaining, and we’ll start with Pol Roger champagne or a white wine like Puligny-Montrachet. We’ll have roast lamb and roast potatoes, or something I’ve cooked the day before that I just heat through. I love a good burgundy with the meat – a pommard or beaune – then we’ll sit and chat. When everyone leaves, I’ll collapse!

Sunday evening? I’ll make a Spanish omelette out of leftovers, then watch a good thriller like Poirot or Agatha Christie. I’m enjoying Lupin on Netflix, but I think it would be more exciting if it wasn’t dubbed. I love Schitt’s Creek – it makes me laugh so much, and Succession is gripping.